Brewferm Kriek Cherry 12L

A red coloured, slightly acidic but sweet tasting cherry beer with a fine aroma and full head.
Original gravity : 1.053.
ABV : 5.5%.
For 12 litres.

Brew your own beer with the BrewfermŪ beerkits !
Brewing your own beer is an interesting, attractive and profitable hobby. He who brews himself, knows what he drinks. So, start brewing your own natural beer! Start today and discover the new and rich ?world of beer?.

BREWFERMŪ beer kits have already undergone the major part of the brewing process. This process is interrupted just before the final stage and the liquid is reduced by evaporation until the BREWFERMŪ beer kits are left. All you have to do is add water and sugar (if needed) to obtain, after fermentation, 7 to 20 litres of beautiful natural beer. By using only natural ingredients, BREWFERMŪ has been able to produce a series of unique beer concentrates, each resulting in an excellent, well balanced beer.

$ 59.50