UK Dark crystal

Est. EBC: 220-260

Est. Lovibond: 83-98

Crystal & Caramalts are prepared separately from pale malts. They are high-nitrogen malts which are wetted and roasted in a rotating drum before kilning. They produce strongly sweet toffee-like flavours and are sufficiently converted that they can be steeped without mashing to extract their flavour. Crystal malts are available in a range of colours, with darker-coloured crystal malts, that is, those kilned at higher temperatures, producing stronger, more caramel-like overtones. Some of the sugars in crystal malts caramelise during kilning and become unfermentable; hence, addition of crystal malt will increase the final sweetness of a beer. They contain no enzymes.

Up to 25kg
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Whole Bag (25kg)
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