Woodfords Wherry Best Bitter

Woodforde's Wherry Bitter

An inviting aroma of malt and citrus fruit is the prelude to this award-winning offering from Woodforde's. The palate is crisp and citrusy with malt and fine hop notes introducing an interesting complexity to this thirst-quenching favourite.

Woodforde's Norfolk Brewery
Based in the heart of the Norfolk countryside, Woodforde's Broadland Brewery has built an enviable reputation for producing a superb range of beers, many of them award winning. All are recognised for their impeccable flavour and quality.

Woodforde's Real Ale Kits
The woodforde's Wherry Bitter Real Ale Kit has been produced using only the finest ingredients and is based on Woodforde's original grist formulation. Made with the brewery's own choice of hops, the beer you brew will compare most favourably to its commercial equivalent. Regional variations in water quality may have a subtle influence on the taste of the final brew.

$ 53.50