W/Warn American Amber Ale

A bitter beer with full-bodied, speciality malt character.

Our American Amber Ale has a deep-amber, light-copper appearance from crystal and black malts included in the recipe. These give this beer caramel, raisin and biscuity notes with a slightly dry finish. The hops provide a prominent level of bitterness to balance the malt flavours.

The yeast under the lid is an 11g pack of Fermentis US-05 ale yeast.

Original Gravity of 1.045 (11.25P), fermented to a Final Gravity of about 1.010 (2.75P), resulting in 4.5% alcohol by volume, 32 Bitterness Units and 13 SRM/26 EBC colour.

Ferment at 23C/73F.

To elevate the fresh hop aroma of this style, we recommend the brewer make a hop tea of 1-2 oz. (28-56 grams) of any American hops in a French coffee press. Add approx. 900ml of hot boiled water to the hops, stir and then steep for 20 minutes. Plunge the solids and add the green, filtered hop tea to the mix of ingredients in your fermenter (before adding the yeast).

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